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Watch Gary Yourofsky... from the Comfort of Your Own Couch

“The multimedia committee is pleased to announce that Gary Yourofsky’s
talk from last semester will be aired on Comcast channel 17 in Ann Arbor.
Hear Gary admit to being an international terrorist and proudly say
“I love meat” in his captivating and inspirational speech on factory farms, animal
suffering, and easy steps we can all take to help. His talk will be on at these times:

Sunday, 9/28/08 at 3:00pm.
Wednesday, 10/1 at Noon
Thursday, 10/2 at 10:35pm
Saturday, 10/4 at 6:30pm
Wednesday, 10/8 at 9:00pm

Grab some popcorn and a few friends and try to catch one of the airings - you won’t be disappointed”

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